Officer Don Quang Dinh has worked as a Law Enforcement officer for 26 years. Since joining, he has worked through ranks: Deputy, Corporal, Sergeant, and Lieutenant Watch commander in the Patrol Division (Command Staff). His experience in specialized training includes: Field Training Officer, Accident Investigator, Background Investigator, Crime Scene Investigation and Mental Health Officer. His participation in each of these has led him to receive the Trilogy Award by the Command Leadership Institute of the FBI-LEEDA (FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Associate). Besides, he also graduated from the FBI-NAA Leadership program which is a dynamic and challenging program uniquely designed to prepare law enforcement leaders for command level positions.

To Officer Dinh, being a police officer is not only a job, but a lifelong career that requires a growing mindset, commands discipline, and enforces different ways to advance on the skills and knowledge held by Harris County Constable’ Office. He continues to strive to work on best-practice strategies and techniques as he is passionate to serve and lead change within his community.

Officer Dinh is a proud father of four. His oldest son, Dustin, is an alum member of the University of Houston and holds a Finance degree. He describes his three daughters, Britney, Vy, and Destiny as his princesses. Britney is studying Psychology and will graduate from college in 2024; Vy is a senior in high school and will graduate in 2023; and Destiny is a fourth grader. Officer Dinh and his family attend Our Lady of La Vang Catholic Church. Officer Dinh’s responsibilities do not stop at the neighborhoods of Precinct 5, but he remains active in his religious affiliations by assisting as the Advisor for the church’s Security Board and serving as one of the Vice Presidents on the Pastoral Board of Committees. From being involved and coordinating numerous charity and community events such as: providing more 2000 bags of rice, sugar, fish sauce bottles, and salt to the unfortunate families in Vietnam; organizing the turkey giveaways during Thanksgiving; and providing more than 5000 bikes and toys to the children of Fort Bend County and Harris County, has earned him respectable awards and recognitions from Congressman Al Green, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and Constable Gary Major.

Officer Dinh is also a host of a Public Safety talk show every Tuesday from 3 PM to 4 PM Vietnamese Television, Vietv, a popular TV channel in Vietnamese community. By committing his time to this activity, he aims to educate the community about the Laws and to bridge the gap between the community and Law Enforcement.

Officer Dinh has proven to be a dedicated community and family member. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he will bring and maintain a department that is well structured, transparent, and professional by creating and building on close symbiotic relationships with the constituents of Harris County Precinct 5 and Harris County as a whole. Officer Dinh will ensure to bring honor to the profession and build trust, confidence, and respect within the communities he serves.