Harris County Constable Precinct 5 is one of the largest and busiest constable departments in the country, and Officer Dinh’s goal is to provide the most effective and efficient service for its Houston/precinct 5 residents and beyond. As a veteran police officer with experience in many divisions within the Constable’s Offices, he is a eager to utilize his services to the Houston/Precinct 5 community to a higher level and lead Harris County Pct. 5 Constable Office by:

  • Putting the community’s safety as the #1 priority. By balancing the patrol coverage throughout the precinct, all members of the community will receive the high-alert and credible service that they deserve.
  • Having Precinct 5 deputies train on Active Shooter drills and precautions with the school police departments which will increase more security presence on school grounds to provide families a safe environment for their children.
  • Requiring a Constable Precinct 5 storefront on Bellaire Blvd. to better serve the minority communities, as well as prevent any crime activity and violence to the more vulnerable.
  • Enforcing stronger training, policy, and holding high integrity standards within the agency. Accountability and transparency are key factors to maintaining healthy relationships with the people of Harris County.
  • Ensuring that qualified individuals get promoted while upholding fair and justice practices across the board.
  • Promoting diversity within the agency. There is no reason to exclude hopeful candidates on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, etc.
  • Endorsing a Successor Program, which will consist of two qualified roles and a personal role to verify that the talent pools are updated and reviewed. With more enrollment within the agency, Officer Dinh will implement mentorship programs and as many training sessions as possible to assure that deputies are given the proper resources and education needed to serve Precinct 5.